About us

Welcome to the blog of your friends at WBach. Being a radio fan is that there are so many different types of music, talk, and sports in one place. We’re here to share our thoughts with you on this blog, but we also love your input.

We’re a group of guys from all over the country. We are interested in radio and love music, but we also like sports and talk shows.

We’re just here to have fun and tell you what we love about the radio. Of course, we’ll let you know when something great comes up that we feel worth reading about.

Here, each is all about the radio stations themselves, not just the DJs and the great music they play. He’s been working in radio for many years and has had many different positions. Now, he’s a huge fan and wants everyone to hear about the stations he loves.

Dave runs WBach. He loves music and talk shows on the radio. He has a degree in broadcasting and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of his stations. He also writes about events in his area, especially those that revolve around music and entertainment.