About Us

Williamsburg Times is a community-building website that aims to connect locals and visitors with a wide variety of information about what’s going on in the city.

One day, two bespectacled strangers joined a public walk-through of the neighborhood. Their fascination with our history became so intense that they started recording their own insights by hand onto scrap paper stuck between their books. They read quotes from historical newspaper articles as if they were talking amongst themselves, stopping every so often to share their notes with others on the sidelines or those who had stopped to take photos for future reference. And then one man said, “Hey guys, let’s start a blog. I know how to do that.”

And so, the first step toward creating what would become Williamsburg Times was taken. It would eventually evolve into a website where locals and visitors alike could stay up-to-date with the neighborhood’s news and events. The online community was born.

Today, we remain committed to building community and connecting people and organizations with an array of information about what’s happening in our neighborhood and various other topics of interest to anyone who has ever wanted to live in or visit Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Do you have questions for our staff? We welcome your inquiries.