Tips and Ideas For Making The Most of Your Car Date Night

Car dates are about as old school as it gets. So it’s gotta be one of the best ways to keep that spark alive between you and your companion. And if you’re looking for some new ideas, these 22 car date ideas will give you a jumping-off point. But, before you start planning out your next trip downtown, make sure to follow these tips below to make the most of your night on four wheels.

Car Dating Tips

  • Get gas before leaving; it helps load up on points toward restaurant rewards cards!
  • Don’t forget food and drinks! The last thing anyone wants is hungry or thirsty car dates.
  • Remember the emergency kit in case things go awry…and they sometimes do.
  • Don’t forget to bring a blanket or pillow for extra comfort on long drives.
  • Don’t forget to bring an umbrella if the weather is looking bad. Or it doesn’t hurt to play it safe and pack a flashlight, hand warmers, and hand sanitizer.
  • Don’t get caught off guard by cell phone dead spots during your journey. Make sure you have a car charger! 
  • Write down some quick jokes about your day that you can tell the moment you reconnect during your car date.
  • Make a list of all your favorite movies, and rank them from 1 to 5.
  • Decide which movie will be the first one you watch and the second one you’ll watch once you get home.
  • Make a list of all your favorite restaurants, and rank them from 1 to 5.
  • Decide which restaurant will be the first one you eat at and the second one you’ll go to if things go really well! 
  • Pick up some flowers for her before picking her up. It doesn’t have to be fancy; something like a bouquet of daisies or tulips works well. 
  • Listen to some music while driving (and make sure not to drive too fast).
  • Take some time to smell the roses. Then, a pullover for a moment, take a deep breath, close your eyes and enjoy the road!
  • Enjoy the ride! You’ll both probably be tired after you’ve made it home. 

27 Car Date Ideas, you’ll thank us later

  1. Drive to a random place to get ice cream. 
  2. Drive to a park and walk around.
  3. Make a pit stop at your favorite store. 
  4. Get some coffee or hot chocolate from that one shop you both enjoy.
  5. Play the license plate game! Please keep track of what letters and numbers you see on all different plates throughout your car date, and see who has the most interesting car date scorecard at the end of it all! 
  6. Find street signs with your names on them! 
  7. Write a little note for them while they’re not looking, and hide it somewhere in their car so they’ll find it while driving home! 
  8. Pay an unexpected visit to someone you know…
  9. Make a stop at the museum.
  10. Eat some cookies from your favorite store. 
  11. Drive through a cemetery. 
  12. Park your car somewhere and have a picnic. 
  13. Drive to the closest mall and go shopping. 
  14. Go out for a late dinner, or order some food to save time and money on your next date. 
  15. Stay up all night talking! Go for a drive + sleep = win! 
  16. Surprise them with breakfast in bed! No matter what time of day, having that cup of coffee with you is always nice!
  17. Surprise them with a hotel room! 
  18. Surprise them with a massage! 
  19. Surprise them with flowers and candy. 
  20. Surprise them with tickets to a concert or movie and drive there and back in one night! 
  21. See someone they’re probably already thinking of seeing. 
  22. Pick up some dinner for two at their favorite place.
  23. Surprise them with tickets to the circus. 
  24. Surprise them with tickets to a theme park. 
  25. Surprise them with tickets to a sporting event. That explains why you have no plans tonight!
    Before heading home, make an impromptu stop at a local attraction, like a zoo or museum. 
  26. Look for interesting signs along the way, like “Keep Off Grass,” or “No Parking,” or “Private Property.” 
  27. Take the scenic route home if you happen to be heading in the right direction at all times.

With these tips and tricks, your car date night should be a success. And if it isn’t – don’t worry – sometimes even the best of us need a few pointers to get things right! Just remember that you can take things at your own pace and that this is one date that doesn’t need to be rushed. Remembering to relax will give you both time to enjoy yourselves and give your relationship time to grow, which is really the ultimate goal behind any successful car date! So, if you’re looking for some new ideas for your next date night or just something fun and different to do with your spouse or fiancé, we hope we’ve set you on the right path. We may not have reinvented the wheel, but here are some car date ideas that are sure to give you some new ideas for your next night on four wheels!

Happy car dating, everyone 🙂